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Starts: 22 March, 2016
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Instructors: Chile, Santiago, DESIS Lab Duoc UC
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DESIS Lab Presentation

Name: DESIS Lab Duoc UC

City: Santiago

Country: Chile

Coordinator: Quality Control Analyst, Alexandra Faille,

Operational manager: Interior Design Director, Alameda Site, Rodrigo Medina,, +56 2 2354 0323, (under construction)

Hosting institution:
Duoc UC
Camino del Alba 12881, Las Condes
+56 02 354 0236

Background and objectives
Since 2007 Duoc UC School of Design had been in several collaborative social innovation projects coherent with Duoc UC´s institutional mission “Training people in technical and professional areas, with a strong ethical foundation inspired by Christian values​​, able to operate successfully in workplace and committed to the development of the country”.
At first they were isolated projects but now they´ve becoming part of every professional program´s curriculum in the 6th semester (Industrial, Interior, Fashion and Graphic Design), thus a main focus on our different design programs.

To implement a DESIS Lab to coordinate the projects proposed in different programs and campuses, to improve the relation between academics and practice and to publish the different initiatives taken by our school. To learn from experiences from DESIS partners from other parts of the world. To improve methodologies in development of social innovation projects and transference to different actors in the process (from school direction to community). To showcase work done by our students and teachers and develop implementation strategies

Primary research areas and activities
In the context of our different programs, Duoc UC´s Desis Lab has been developing different social innovation projects with partners such as ONG´s (non-governmental institutions), municipal governments, social associations, schools, private institutions with their social responsibility departments, etc.
The main areas of research has been on self-management for fund-raising, mainly in the area of usage of recycled materials, low cost household appliances and furniture products for communities with low incomes, local identity, usage of common spaces, educational improvement, etc.
Usually these activities are local initiatives, but there´s been some international participation of a small number students and teachers in “Tongji-Aalto-DuocUC University Design Summer Camp” at Tongji University in China in 2011, and in “Proyecto Lota” developed in Chile by George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology.

List of projects and research

Imaginando Lota (2011)
Duoc UC´s School of Design
To determine tourist attractions for the city of Lota, that consider how to make the most of diverse attributes such as heritage, natural environment, local culture and food.

OpenCity: Peñalolén (2012)
Duoc UC´s School of Design
With and for the community, it´s focused on integration through creation of new public spaces with projects by students and proffesionals and implemented with cityzens, rescuing abandoned spaces.

Escuela Adolfo Tannenbaum (2012)
Duoc UC´s School of Design
Learning from the social unit: human situations of communication and interactive coexistence for Visual Identity, Documentation and Ethnographic Design, Environmental Graphics & Signage, Teaching Material and Web Platform.

Red Turística en Pichilemu (2012)
Duoc UC´s School of Design
Understanding current enterprise business models and specific 21 client needs/dreams, led to improve and provide different ways to offer better touristical and business conditions for local community.

Octopus (2013-2014)
Duoc UC´s School of Design
Co-create new ways/capabilities of self-management for fund-raising (not only charity) that helps to improve required standards or needs, promote more/better opportunities and development for both, children and staff, where they can express, share within their community and, therefore, increase their sense of belonging.


  • Moyra Armijo
  • Julie Augé
  • Stephanie Carrasco
  • Gerardo Gonzalez
  • Daniela Jaramillo
  • Sofía Jeria
  • Constanza Llanos
  • Valentina Martínez
  • Marina Oporto
  • Francisca Padilla
  • Maripili Ramirez
  • Natalia Rojas
  • Javiera Valenzuela
  • Nicole van Kerkhoff


  • Karen Farfán
  • Rodrigo Medina


  • Angélica Yeviláf
  • Pilar Larraín (Corporación Hogar de Menores, Cardenal José María Caro).