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Tokyo Zokei University – TZU DESIS Lab

City: Tokyo
Country: Japan
Coordinator: Prof. Daichi Iwase Ph.D / iwase@zokei.ac.jp
Operational manager: Prof. Keisuke Oki / k-oki@nifty.com
Secretariat: Mrs. Wichawan Iwase / wichawan@hotmail.com
Address: TZU DESIS Lab in CSC Section, 1556 Utsunuki-machi Hachioji City Tokyo 192-0992 JAPAN.
Tel.: +81-(0)-42-637-8111
Website: http://tzu-desis-lab.jp

Hosting institution: Tokyo Zokei University,
1556 Utsunuki-machi Hachioji City Tokyo 192-0992 JAPAN,  +81-(0)-42-637-8111, https://www.zokei.ac.jp

Background and objectives 

TZU DESIS Lab is located in the Creative Spiral Center (CSC) in Tokyo Zokei University. It is a research laboratory established in 2011. The Lab was developed from the sustainable projects course that stopped accepting applicants in 2010 in order to open the group of subjects in the course to all students in the university. Now the lab as social change maker creates various projects in order to tackle social and ecological issues and to cause preferable changes for sustainability in social and economic systems on which our unsustainable lifestyle depend. Moreover TZU DESIS Lab is a program incubator for sustainability–related education at the university and collaborating with over 50 DESIS Labs all over the world.

Primary research areas and activities 

Primary research areas are earthquake disaster reconstruction and social design for distributed production. Based on the primary research areas, projects were initiated as follows: community regeneration project after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and Spedagi Project, which is social design for distributed production that exploits local natural materials.

List of projects and research 

  • Community Regeneration Project after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 (October 2011 – Ongoing) This project tries to consider and propose possibility of designing resilient community that keeps regenerative power through participating in volunteer activities in Ishinomaki city in Miyagi Prefecture.
  • Spedagi Project in Indonesia (January 2015 – Ongoing); Spedagi project was started by Mr. Singgih Kartono in Java Island in Indonesia. TZU DESIS Lab joined the project and tackles issues related to agriculture, tourism, craft, and education in the local community.
  • Spedagi Japan Project (April 2015 – Ongoing); we agreed the purpose of Spedagi project in Indonesia, so that we try to develop Take (Japanese bamboo) bicycle that will be used for social design in order to revitalize local communities in Japan


TZU DESIS Lab is making partnership with Tohoku University graduate course SEMSaT, NPO Smile Seed, Spedagi, Executive committee on International Conference of Design for Sustainability (ICDS), Executive Committee of International Conference on Village Revitalization (ICVR) and more.

TZU DESIS Lab New project

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TZU DESIS Lab Ishinomaki

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TZU DESIS Lab Spedagi

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