DESIS China is glad to announce the Spring Festival, a series of initiatives organized by Jiangnan DESIS Lab in the framework of Re-design Education Conference at Jiangnan University
This conference is an yearly appointment for the Chinese community of design researchers, and this year, we take the occasion for a large DESIS China initiative and gathering.
Professor Ezio Manzini will be keynote speaker on Monday 26th May, and we welcome the conference attendants to join the DESIS China Parallel Session in the afternoon of Sunday, the 25th. In that occasion, we organize a Seminar about the state of the art of DESIS China projects and followed by a workshop activity to discuss future evolution and challenges of the projects, and at a larger stage, of the overall horizons of social innovation in Chinese context.
After the conference, Ezio Manzini will held a further workshop with PSSD students at Jiangnan University (May 27th, 28th), named DESIS Resilience Workshop. We will invite experts in an Open conversation on general concept and local specificities of resilience, followed by a Reflexive Design Exercise on the topic of “Resilient communities: open, multiple, lasting, rooted, intelligent organizations“.
You can check the pdf programme attached for further details, and to follow the initiatives. We will celebrate also in a general assembly of DESIS China members, after so many years of journey together.

Download Booklet Desis China