Parallel Crossings,
Film festival for Social Innovations and Sustainability in Berlin

From the 5th until the 28th of September Parallel Crossings a unique Film Festival on Social Innovation and Sustainability is taking place in Berlin screening film productions which move around issues like gentrification, media activism, food, shifting cities and more.

DESIS has endorsed the initiative and will participate by screening short films produced at the interior of the DESIS Lab in Parsons NY and Pasadena, DesignMatters in California. The project developed by the IMAGIS group at Milan Polytechnic:
DESIS IN THE MIRROR will also be presented.

Parallel Crossings will post-produce a documentary –behind the scenes- and catalogue with academic purposes giving account of the pertinence of the audiovisual in the social innovation discourse.

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Welcome to Parallel Crossings!
an event of transversal poetics

We are proud to present “Parallel Crossings”. Curated as carefully as one writes a narrative, our festival will tell you a story of many stories.

There is something really unique and important about the act of making a film. Usually the author and the makers have little or no scientific authority; they work as investigators around an idea that intrigues them. Their approach is one full of curiosity, genuine interest and sheer dedication. Their visions are fresh, because they are operating from the periphery of knowledge, but are not bound by the limitations of a perfectly functioning system. They do not speak to a closed circle. To the contrary, they penetrate it to bring a result back to the surface in audiovisual form. Their goal is to speak to other circles, opening them, turning them into lines, sinuous or straight. Lines that crisscross or align themselves parallely.
‘That is how Parallel Crossings is an event of transversal poetics, since it intersects the in-between moments of contemplation, moments which go beyond the mere act of watching a movie.’
That is how Parallel Crossings is an Event of Transversal Poetics, given that it intersects the in-between moments of contemplation, moments which go beyond the mere act of watching, a movie.

Filmmaking has its own system and it embraces all systems the makers decide to dive into. This first edition of Parallel Crossings is dedicated to filmmakers who have put their time and passion into a subject for the public interest. Most of the films we have curated were kindly offered by their authors free of charge to be part of our program.

All four weekends of September, in four very different venues in Berlin. Check out the films and parallel activities in the program and join us!

Welcome and enjoy!