Call for participation

Welcome to join this explorative research workshop to imagine a future without cars



D&I College of Design and Innovation, Aquarium Room

Monday 24th october, 1pm to 7pm


Organized by

German Studies Center and Tongji DESIS Lab D&I, Tongji University, Shanghai

The goal of this interdisciplinary seminar is imagining, designing and visualizing future city spaces without the presence of cars; yet, it is not concerned with services or mobility systems. We aim instead at advancing imaginary, by a creating together a gallery of vision of beauty using craft materials and visual toolkits.

How a city without cars will look like?

Cars are shaping the space of today’s metropolitan experience, and occupy most citizens’ visions about how a city can and does actually work. We believe we can choose differently, and through this workshop we want to experiment with designers and citizens to create together visionary scenario, to reclaim the space of the cars to be instead an open canvas where unexplored communal aesthetic perspectives and landscapes will be built. We encourage multi-disciplinary and trans-societal gatherings: your granny and your hair-dresser very welcome to join! The workshop welcome all the students and researchers, and it is open to all citizens that may be able to participate; there is no pre-requisite for attendance.

How it works

The workshop is a hands-on participatory activity involving pictures, photographs and visual materials that will produce images in which the space occupied by cars will be emptied and refilled with beauty, according to the contextual forms of expressions from the participants. There are no limitations in techniques to be used, unless the final format will be an image or a visual piece that can be shared and disseminated. Tools and images will be provided, but feel free to bring your own creative equipments, and a set of pictures of cars into cities to start with.

We ask participants to be fuelled by fantasy, preferences and desires.


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