Looking around, we can recognise several examples of migrating people catalysing and contributing to new ways of meeting everyday needs – collaborative initiatives and organisations demonstrating in practice how inclusion can be promoted by creating the conditions for migrants and resident communities to explore new ways of living and working together.  Thanks to these activities, we are seeing the migrant problem turned on its head, where migrants and resident communities are co-producing solutions that provide opportunities for the whole of society.

These premises guided the activities of the workshop “Reframing Migration” that took place on 9th Feb 2016, at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and was developed by UAL Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS) Lab in partnership with the Social Innovation Lab Kent (SILK).

The workshop explored examples of these positive practices to better understand how to create the conditions for migration as social innovation. Taking a whole system approach, seeing all people as contributors and strengthening community cohesion to define an approach which can be extended and applied elsewhere.

The title of the workshop (Reframing Migration) expresses very well its intentions; to share, discuss and define ideas and actions to amplify promising practices that frame migration as a force for social innovation.

Reframing Migration means to consider the migration issue from a different perspective, a new frame that offers an alternative to mainstream understanding and explores the positive opportunities that the situation presents.