Jiangnan University 7th DESIS Symposium 2016

As a part of programme of DESIS-China regional cluster, the 7th DESIS Symposium 2016 has been organized at School of Design Jiangnan University (Wuxi, China) on 26th -27th of November 2016. With the theme of “In Action”, it aims to investigate design approaches, roles and values in social innovation, particularly focusing on what design schools, as expert design agencies, could do.

A group of experts were invited to give contributions. International guests include Prof. Craig Vogel from University of Cincinnati, Prof. Carla Cipolla from UFRJ Coppe, Prof. Mirja Helena Kalviainen from Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Jun Hu from Tu/e, Prof. Priscilla Chueng-nainby from Edinburgh university and etc. they provide global perspective for discussion.

Regional guests from DESIS-China are Zhong Fang, Zhang jun, Zhang Duoduo, Gong miaosen, Zhangli, Barbara Wang, Gao bo, Li jian and etc. Besides of keynote by prof. Vogel, the symposium was organized in format of 4 panel discussions and 1 open conversation to facilitate interactive discussion.

More than 60 participants involved the symposium. Results is discussion indicate that design role in social innovation is important but limited. Design schools and labs may play multiple roles with proper strategies. We are going to produce a symposium review to present more content and opinions. In symposium, a call for paper: section of “Service Design and Social Innovation” in the journal of <Creation and Design> was launched to support academic exchange.