This research investigates communities affected by social exclusion. The study seeks to identify and take advantage of different knowledges and experiences accumulated by the members, looking for solutions in creative economy, using social technologies, in search of social inclusion and improvement of the quality of life.

Social technology can be defined as social intervention practices, which stand out for their success in improving the living conditions, building participatory solutions, changing local realities where applied. Examples of social technology range from the classic homemade serum to pre-cast plate tanks that attenuate the problem of dry regions passing through the offer of microcredit. The grounds of this work are the investigation of communities affected by social exclusion, which seek solutions to their problems, in the metropolitan region of the Minas Gerais capital. The study, uses Design Thinking, takes advantage of different knowledge, information and experiences accumulated by citizens, to propose solutions to generate income by creative ventures. Due to the territorial extension of Minas Gerais State, the research, after a bibliographic review, is carried out in community and solidarity groups samples. It uses data from Social Technology collection of Banco do Brasil Foundation, among others. Uses research-action and investigates examples that enhance social inclusion. Among the results found we have community banks, pre-cast tanks, and others that develop social inclusion. The idea is to apply the results in extension projects of Social technologies, possibilities of development of creative enterprises, with prospects of local quality improvement and adoption by other communities.