DESISLAB is the Elisava’s Hub of Design for Social and Digital Innovation that aim to foster new research culture and open format through design and a new performative ways of living. The lab is part of the worldwide Desis Network( and it is an active tool of transition from an old paradigm of design conceive as mere industrial products-oriented system toward a coherent knowledge production culture.

The group DESILAB Elisava TIME-Experiments, “… it’s an opportunity we want to co-design with all the professors, practitionaires and facilitators of Elisava Design School and Engineers, to foster a new research and experimental culture, that re-define a new starting point for our community. Allow us to think strategically through the critical art of making, how to co-create classes as open place of meanings, quality and beauty…”- said Arianna Mazzeo, the Desislab Elisava Leader.

The group DESISLAB Elisava TIME born from an idea of Arianna to act first in the community from the inside be change maker of new visions and actions starting from everyday. It is coordinated by Rebeca Font and Juan José Albert, that for their expertise and attitude will make a difference supporting a new vision, action and structured reflection among Elisava learning community to the world.

The group is open to all worldwide interested in discovered and experiment new ways of learning, doing class shifting from teaching in a particular ways to enabling people learning.