Fluminense Federal University

Federal University of Paraná

Design & Sustainability Research Center


Prof. Liliane Iten Chaves[1]

Camila Ferrari,

The main objective of the research is to increase the competence about design for Social Innovation and Sustainability, particularly design for Product + Services Systems applied to Distributed Economy in Product Production and Design and Social Innovation.

Since 2009, the research on Cases of Creative Communities (Social Innovation) has already raised and studied more than 23 cases of Social Innovation. The present project cross-analyzes these cases, trying to establish how they are today and to prospect how is their future perspective.

Mobility: Life cycle, Bicicletada Curitiba and Carona solidária, Observational Walks.

Creation and organization of common public spaces: Cyclist’s Pocket Square, Iririú Cultural Space, Libertarian Gardening, Gomm House Grove.

Ease of daily life: Shared laundry.

Different exchange systems: Social Coin, Exchange Swap at UniCuritiba, Freecycle.

Initiatives for the common good: Casa da Videira, PROBEM, Cursinho em Ação, InstitutoAgroEcológico, Grife Social Omunga.

Associations: Noah Project, Parque das Águas Claras Community Center and Spring Women’s Movement.

Work: Village coWorking.

In addition, the project seeks ways to disseminate this knowledge, be it in the academic environment, for society, or for more people to participate.


[1] The present research is supported by CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) Process (110845 / 2016-1)