Use of sustainable design concepts, to develop ways of recycling residues to create new processes and products, which are appropriated by the community to generate income, social inclusion and sustainability.

This project of extension and research seeks, through the application of sustainable design, to develop and systematize ways to use raw material to be recycled through the elaboration of several processes and products, thus allowing an appropriation of these processes by the community. It enables generation and increase of income and also, social inclusion and sustainability.

The project “Pallete Amigo: Furniture for all”, 2016 is one of the examples of this line of action of CEDTec, where furniture was developed from discarded wooden pallets.

The products created by the community reflects a work of identity awareness, which reflects in unique designs that were exposed in many venues in Brazil like “Morar mais por menos – BH”, INOVA/ FAPEMIG, SBPC, Patricia de Deus.