Three more workshops of the research project “Cities After Cars” from Tongji DESIS Lab, this time in the dynamic and post-modern scenario of the Pearl River Delta, naming in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Thanks to the support of KAS Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation

we have the chance to increase our data gathering and to finally move to a new geographical and economical playground. In the three cities characterized by mobility pressure, strong economical drive, and profound historical heritage, we will meet artists, scholars, citizens and entrepreneurs to discuss vision and produce postcards about the city that we’d like to build.

Cities After Cars is a research project composed of a programme of workshops by which citizens are called to participate in activity of envisioning, imagery producing of future cities based on subjective beauty.

Through the workshops, we engage participants in a visionary, hands-on experiment to re-visualize future city spaces without the presence of cars; yet, it is not concerned with services or mobility systems. We aim instead at advancing imaginary, by a creating together a gallery of vision of beauty using craft materials and visual toolkits, acting in an open canvas where unexplored communal aesthetic perspectives and landscapes will be built.

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