“Soap-ing” is one of social innovation projects on active welfare promoted by DESIS Lab-JU and Keyihui social lab. It was designed for adults who are mildly intellectually disabled in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province in China. They struggle to find employment, and they are living in poverty. Our goal is to provide dignified labor opportunities for intellectual disable people (IDP) by producing high added value product, thereby improving their life quality. IDPs has a positive willingness to work and treasures every opportunity for work.

We select high-quality handmade soap, optimizing the traditional soap making process, so that IDP with different abilities can easily collaborate and work. We also make a unique production story with the soap at the same time to increase the user experiences. The profit of products sale has been returning to IDP. In “Soap-ing” project, every piece of handmade soap is full of IDP’s efforts and happiness, representing a dignified labor opportunity.