We are proud to present a new book  born here at POLIMI DESIS Lab!

It is ‘CoDesign for Public-Interest Services’ by our researcher Daniela Selloni.

‘CoDesign for Public-Interest Services’ is a book about codesign, and more specifically, about the various forms codesign might take to tackle the most pressing societal challenges in a collaborative and innovative way.

Services are presented as the main application field, but this represents just the starting point for discussing codesign as a process that is able to spark and enhance the creative contribution of citizens and other actors of society in improving the state of things within the public realm, i.e. as a way to empower people and to regenerate democratic practices.

  1. Selloni. (2017). ‘CoDesign for Public-Interest Services.’ Research for Development, Springer International Publishing



About the author:

Daniela Selloni is a Service Designer, Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, where she teaches the Master’s Degree in Product Service Systems Design. Her research interests cover service design and social innovation, focusing on citizen activism, methods and tools for co-design, public services and policies, design for local development and sustainability, sharing economy, design for democracy.