In partnership with COANIQUEM, a nonprofit pediatric treatment facility in Santiago, Chile, the “Safe Niños” project reimagined the 6-acre campus with human-centered environments that celebrate wellbeing for patients, their families and medical staff.

ArtCenter students collaborated as a unified team to envision innovative and cost-effective ways to create engaging environments and systems that support a healing and nurturing atmosphere within the existing campus of COANIQUEM.

Co-creation was paramount to this project as students reached out and established rapport with a variety of stakeholders – pediatric patients, their families, doctors, staff and administration – to create feasible and practical yet highly appealing and connective elements that would present a single redesigned vision.

As of July 2017, two projects have been implemented at COANIQUEM:

TEENZONE: Behnia Rahmati, Environmental Design & Anna Meddaugh, Environmental Design

COANIQUEM provided the opportunity to rethink the outdoor hangout space for burn patients who are sensitive to exposure to sunlight. TeenZone makes it possible for the population of in-hostel teenagers and children to leave their rooms and spend time outdoors while being protected by UV-protective shade sails.

HEALING TREE: Alvin Oei, Environmental Design – Su-Sun Kwak, Environmental Design – Belle Lee, Illustration

Healing Tree is a communication system that uses storytelling to reframe the fears of burn treatment for young patients into curiosity. The project includes a storybook, passport system, and immersive environmental graphic system that brings an adventure to life for the nearly 2,000 patients that visit COANIQUEM every year.

In the Fall of  2017, the Safe Niños initiative continues with the Design Charity Retail project.  This project will envision a system of thrift shops to support pediatric burn treatment. Nonprofit charity shops are a new phenomenon in Chile, and have a huge potential to raise funds to support free treatment, while building a community of socially engaged volunteers.