We have already published the four DESIS labs with their critical turning points (CTPs) in the TRANSIT project.

We would like, however, to show the Critical Turning Points of the 20 global social innovation networks studied under the TRANSIT Project more widely available.

 What are Critical Turning Points?

Transformative Social Innovation-processes are full of these breakthroughs, setbacks and surprises. Probably all social innovation initiatives experience them, in one way or another. These decisive changes are CTPs and we define these as “moments or events in processes at which initiatives undergo or decide for changes of course” (Pel et al. 2015:25).

This Critical Turning Points database gathers information on Transformative Social Innovation (TSI) from two different angles:

  • Data that shows TSI in relation to dynamic processes, rather than static entities and factors
  • Data that shows TSI as emerging from distributed agencyand co-production

The database features timelines of social innovation initiatives of the networks TRANSIT analysed. There are initiatives analysed for each of the 20 social innovation network, thus our CTP database brings together insights from all social innovation initiatives. Each initiative contains a timeline made up of various Critical Turning Points.

The working paper ‘The Critical Turning Points database; concept, methodology and dataset of an international Transformative Social Innovation comparison’, by Pet et al. (2017) contains the theoretical-methodological context to these data, theoretical background of the CTP concept and the methodology though which the CTP accounts have been reconstructed. It also discusses reflections on the open access character of the CTP database as a knowledge infrastructure, as well as its significance in terms of mapping, dissemination and framing of social innovation.