Between the 14th and 15th of September the DESIS Network participated in a series of activities at the final Conference of TRANSIT – Transformative Social Innovation Theory.

TRANSIT ( is a project that developed a theory on Transformative Social Innovation, wich is a process of change in social relations, involving new ways of doing, organizing, framing and/or knowing and that challenges, alters and/or replaces dominant institutions and structures.

Social innovation has been heralded as an effective way of dealing with societal challenges and has found its way into policy discourses across the EU. There is a sense that social innovation can help empower people and drive societal change, the need for which has made itself strongly felt in the aftermath of the recent economic recession and the wider retreat of the welfare state.

Building on this analysis, the conference explored the empowering and transformative potentials of social innovation in the face of persistent problems and growing complexity. This included a critical approach, open to the paradoxes of social innovation and the diversity of interactions between actors engaging in it. Attention was also gived to the fundamental question of how transformative change can be generated through learning.

The final conference of the TRANSIT research project, shared insights into the transformative nature of social innovation, while also seeked to foster new connections and knowledge in support of a transition to just, resilient and sustainable societies.

The DESIS Network participated in the final Conference promoting the DESIS Philisophy Talk, which was attended by Ezio Manzini, Carla Cipolla and Virgina Tassinari, as well as special guests.

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