Tongji DESIS lab, in collaboration with DESIS Network, will hold a DESIS exhibition from October 9 to 27, at College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University, in Shanghai.

The exhibition, organized as part of 2017 Tongji Design Week, will present the DESIS map in a tangible way. The 46 DESIS labs’ projects included in the map will be exhibited based on the conceptual framework of the DESIS map – 7 themes for action (Food, Making, Clothing, Caring, Housing, Place-making, and others), and 10 themes for reflection (Product for social innovation, Service for social innovation, Infrastructuring, Digital social innovation, Income generation, Environmental concern, Co-design, Design performance, Scenario building, Design theory & practice). The exhibition will provide an overview of projects that have been carried out by DESIS labs around the world, and highlight the ‘emerging thematic areas’ (care exchanging, place-making, income generating).

Also, 5 recent projects of Tongji DESIS lab will be exhibited together with the DESIS map.