Hosted by the China Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development

University of South Australia, Adelaide, September 20-23, 2018

[Conference website will be live from November, 2017]

The university of South Australia invites to call for papers and abstracts at the event “UNMAKING WASTE 2: Transforming Design, Production and Consumption for a Circular Economy” which will take place from 20-23 September 2018, hosted by the China Australia Center for Sustainable Urban Development.


Unmaking Waste 2 will address the following themes from a similarly multidisciplinary perspective:

  1. Eco-Design and Development:

Designing and managing objects, buildings, precincts and systems to reduce resource and energy use, and increase environmental and human wellbeing.

  1. Sustainable Consumption:

Transforming consumption and service provision, including marketing, to better suit a resource-constrained, environmentally challenged world.

  1. Waste Minimization:

Reducing waste and pollution at all scales, in all domains and activities, and transforming waste and pollution into states of greater value for reuse.

  1. Circular Economy:

Optimizing social, material and economic relations to further the goals of the Circular Economy, including product and environment life-extension, reuse and repair.


Date of submission: December 15, 2017


Read the full information: 10 – arquivo pdf – Unmaking Waste Two Conference Call (1)