“Matters of concern are topics that are not the central research area for any given discipline, but instead require contributions from many disciplines. Erling Björgvinsson, Pelle Ehn, and Per-Anders Hillgren, of the Malmö Living Labs, talk about “matters of concern” in the context of their work as being served by Things (“Socio-material assemblies”), as opposed to the usual “things” of products and services”.

“This special issue of Diseña invites authors to contribute papers where the research into a matter of concern has been led by designers. In some cases, this may be because there are projects whose subject matter has a natural affinity for design. In other cases, it may be that the subject is one that no other discipline wishes to tackle, so design becomes the de facto leader”.

“If interested, please submit your manuscript in www.revistadisena.uc.cl by February 31, 2018. Revisions and modifications after the peer-review process need to occur during April 2018, as the issue will come out in July 2018”.


More information: 08 – CFP Disena 13_Design-Led Research Into Matters of Concern (1)