TRANSIT project – Transformative Social Innovation – have been working on a Manifesto for Transformative Social Innovation. This is a way to synthesise not only insights from the TRANSIT research project, but also to identify complementarities, insights and challenges across the amazing amount of networks and initiatives that are working on transformative change in practice, including the DESIS Network, one of the 20 networks studied by the TRANSIT project.


See more about the participation of DESIS Network:

DESIS Network TSI Narrative Report within the scope of the TRANSIT project

Complete report of the DESIS Network as Social Innovation – TRANSIT Project

DESIS participated in the TRANSIT Final Conference

Watch the videos of DESIS Philosophy Talk at the TRANSIT Conference


The purpose of doing so is to formulate a common call for action to create focus and momentum for collaboration on change towards more sustainable, just and resilient societies.

See the online website of the Manifesto for Transformative Social Innovation.

The website includes a PDF with the Manifesto, version 0.1.

It is called a “version 0.1” because it is to be a document in the making that aims to start discussion and deliberation, where the project  invite people to adapt the manifesto according to their own local contexts and ideas.

See how you can endorse or adapt the Manifesto.