The international symposium, Design and Social Innovation in Asia-Pacific (DESIAP) co-led by Assoc. Prof. Joyce Yee (Northumbria University) and Assoc. Prof. Yoko Akama (RMIT University) will take place in Kuala Lumpur, on the 21st December 2017 at Malaysian Design Centre (MRM).

This is the third international gathering of bringing researchers and practitioners together in SEAsia, and this year, the focus will be on Impact and Evaluation because this is a significant issue and interest for many change-makers, yet challenging when required to evidence outcomes that address societal issues.

The event will be filmed and uploaded to DESIAP resources.

Please, circulate this through your networks.

The research report (funded by AHRC 2016-2017) can be downloaded here, in case you and others would like to know more.

There is also a Special Issue Design and Culture Journal on Embracing Cultural Plurality: Design and Social Innovation in Asia-Pacific which will be published in 2018 and it will be available to all via the DESIAP resources webpage after publication.

The event have a Special Interest track on Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity (under Multiple Voices) at the Design Research Society 2018 in Limerick.