Daichi Iwase

Daichi Iwase – Potential of Bamboo Bicycle Production For Promoting Sustainable Community Development In Rural Areas


Today many rural areas across the world are faced with issues such as, depopulation, and an aging of population. These contribute to further issues and lead to many rural areas becoming impoverished. This paper discusses the potential of bamboo bicycle design to promote sustainable community development in rural areas. This research employs case studies as the methodology, in order to observe how bamboo bicycle production plays economic, social, and environmental roles in the community development of rural areas in Indonesia and Japan. Data was collected by interviews with the parties concerned and by participant observation. The research findings showed that introducing bamboo bicycle production into rural areas could contribute to:

1) reorganizing local resources for creating sustainable community development in rural areas;

2) promoting the local production and consumption of manufacturing and food through urban–rural exchanges;

3) improving environmental issues;

4) raising environmental awareness;

5) creating social capital; and

6) creating diverse opportunities.

This paper concludes that bamboo bicycle design could be a driving force for promoting sustainable community development in rural areas.