Many social innovators of today work locally, but are connected with other innovators around the globe through networks. TRANSIT – Transformative Social Innovation Theory project – explored these linkages by researching transnational networks of social innovation in Europe and Latin America as embedded case studies both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Empirical work has come to an end and TRANSIT proudly shares its materials. Over the past four years, TRANSIT researchers have interacted with and studied 20 transnational networks – for each network they focused on:

  • the network level and at least 2-3 social innovation initiatives for in-depth understanding, resulting in various reports, such as case study reports, summaries and TSI Narratives
  • and 2-4 other social innovation initiatives related to the network, to understand their critical turning points, meaning the  breakthroughs, setbacks and surprises in their emergence and development.


The networks cases