In the TRANSIT project – Transformative Social Innovation Theory project – they have developed a theory on Transformative Social Innovation. It is a process of change in social relations involving challenging, altering and/or replacing dominant institutions and structures.

They have also published a new TRANSIT working paper synthesising their theoretical work into a relational framework and 12 propositions. Read here: Haxeltine, A., Pel, B., Dumitru, A., Avelino, F., Kemp, R., F., Bauler, T., Kunze, I., Dorland, J., Wittmayer, J., and Jørgensen, M. S. (2017) Towards a TSI theory: a relational framework and 12 propositions, (TRANSIT working paper; 16, December 2017), TRANSIT: EU SSH.2013.3.2-1 Grant agreement no: 613169.

In an effort to diversify their means of communication, they have also released an infographic, which illustrates their TSI theory described the aforementioned paper.

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