Today we are experiencing wide and deep transitions locally and globally, creating transitions across multiple perspectives.

Current developments in society, economy, technology, culture, environment and politics are bringing increasing challenges

and complexities.  Consequently, these transitions change our perceptions of what is normal and solid. In these times,

we find ourselves asking questions as a society, as a community, as an individual: “who are we, where are we, and where

could we go?” Diffused transition generates uncertainty and gaps; while creating confusion, it also opens new possibilities

where design can contribute to positive societal change.

As an international platform for design education, the 2018 Cumulus Conference in China aims to investigate where design

is now and where it will go in this age of transition. In so doing, we seek to envision new attributes and roles of design by

sharing emerging design practices, research and education in response to common challenges of globalization 3.0.

We invite you to share your insights with academic papers or professional proposals.


The submission of abstract deadline will be on 25 May 2018


if you have any questions, please send email to

or call the Phone: +86 -0510-85911500

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