Atlantic Wonder is a six-day design-led workshop centred around interdisciplinary contributions of design theory and praxis. It aims
to trigger learning, reflection, collaboration and to build nature inspired design methods and processes, drawing inspiration from the
Madeira Island’s rich subtropical ecosystem.

The summer school is based on field work such as explorations through the island with the guidance of local experts in biology, natural
science and bio agriculture. In addition the international designers, artists and thinkers will mentor participants in nature centered
design solutions.

Visiting and experiencing various Madeira landscapes and environments, meeting local citizens, engaging in fruitful conversations will support the participants to reflect on Madeira, its present conditions, future risks, problems and potentialities. The summer school aims to build future scenarios as elements of conversation between experts and local stakeholders, such as communities, enterprises and institutions.

The approach
The rich biodiversity and local ecosystem is the general setting of this summer school. Through experiences and activities in direct contact with nature, the participants will reflect on the relation between man and nature. This reflection aims to foster insights on lifestyle patterns, design methods, interaction with space, society, and local environment.

Walking and exploring will be a form of observation, discovery and understanding. What can Nature teach us about its rhythms, systems and mechanisms to be sustainable and resilient?

Through this summer school participants will discover a way of working centred around an interdisciplinary mindset, synergizing different
design disciplines continuously aiming towards realizing sustainable solutions.

Who can join?
The summer school is open to any field of study, research and praxis. Students, researchers, practitioners of any age and experience are
welcome! The programme aims to encourage collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

The summer school is open to those who want to increase their proficiency on Design Thinking, Design Process and practically applying their methods and tools.

The summer school aims to foster inter-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogues regarding Nature and sustainable development, not only to
design suitable future scenarios for Madeira island, but also to initiate new forms of collaboration and research under the name of
Nature Centred Design. For this reason, the programme offers the contribution of five international Design experts who will lead the
design activities, and the guidance of several local scientists and researchers during field trips and explorations in the Island.

International Experts: Stuart Walker, Virginia Tassinari, Nik Baerten, Gabriele Oropallo, Nicola De Franceschi

Local Experts:  José Carlos Marques, Mafalda Freitas, Juan José Gonçalves Silva, Ysabel Margarita Amaro Gonçalves, Manuel Biscoito, Ricardo Araujo.

Organisers: Art & Design Department of Universidade da Madeira
Partners: Universidade da Madeira, PACO Design Collaborative, Museu de Historia Natural do Funchal, Estação de Biologia Marinha do Funchal
Technical Partners & Hosts: Organica, Cowork Funchal, Colégio dos Jesuitas (Universidade da Madeira)

The summer school will provide some ECTS credits. A Certificate of Participation will be provided at the end of the workshop.

Registration now open

Early bird until 2nd June