The DESIS Assembly will take place 18 June, 2-5 PM CET, Milan time.

You can take part in the DESIS Assembly on Zoom by clicking on this link:
Conference ID (if asked, should work automatically) is 978447653

(for those who never used Zoom, on clicking in this link you will be asked to install the “zoomusLauncher” in your device)

For those in Milan, this is the address:
@ OpenKnowledge Milano
|Via Olona 2 – Milano|
(14:00 – 17:00)
(for those attending ServDes, this location is 15 min. walk from the Triennale di Milano, where the opening of the conference will take place).

Perspectives on social innovation (Ezio Manzini)
International coordination: overview, results and news (Carla Cipolla)
Welcome to the new DESIS labs
Thematic areas: first results

DESIS coordination: the next two years