This project is the fifth project in the series of thematic areas. All projects are activities carried out by the Laboratories of DESIS Network and respond to the call of thematic areas, whose objectives can be seen here.

Page Hall is a small suburb in the north of Sheffield that has been a centre of inbound migration for many years. Recently there has been an influx of Roma people from eastern Europe. The lifting of work and travel restrictions
in 2014 have seen as big rise in the number of Roma people travelling to the UK.

The influx of Roma has been cited as the cause of social pressures within the area becoming a real concern for local
agencies. The many press reports, from across the media along with a recent TV series chronicling local resident have brought the problems facing residents in Page Hall to wider public attention.

The project: 42 Postgraduate Students from 6 disciplines exploring opportunities for co-designed solutions to  community issues. Studying in cross disciplinary groups designing with and for the community, supported by staff from 2 faculties  (Design and Health & Wellbeing) along with staff from Sheffield City Council, Community Development Officers, Health Improvement Office, Environmental Protection, Policy ImprovementsOffice, Inclusion & Learning Services and the Public Service Transformation Network.

More information about this project are available at the bottom of this page, please check the PDF file.