The Life Without Single-use Plastics (SUPR) is a project developed by the DESIS Emily Carr DESIS lab at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, in Canada. This project is the seventh project in the series of thematic areas. All projects are activities carried out by the Laboratories of DESIS Network and respond to the call of thematic areas, whose objectives can be seen here.

The project questions our relationship with single-use plastics and will inspire how design for social innovation and sustainability can support this change at the communities. ” We speculate that deep inquiry into our personal relationship(s) with single-use plastics would lead to insights about how social innovation could support the cultural shift from dependency on single-use plastics.”

SUPR team is a group of faculty members and graduate student researchers that meet regularly to guide the activities of the research lab. This team is complemented by expertise from Zero Waste Canada and Nada Grocery, Vancouver’s first no-packaging grocery store.

More information about this project are available at the bottom of this page, please check the PDF file.