The Linnaeus University offers an opportunity for PhD students in interaction design with a focus on design, sustainability and homes.

Description of positions

The Department of Design, Linnaeus University, Sweden is offering two PhD positions in Design, Sustainability and Homes in collaboration with Malmö University. The positions are funded by The Bridge, the strategic collaboration between IKEA and Linnaeus University. Both PhD students will be employed by and placed at Department of Design, Växjö Campus, Linnaeus University, but have their main supervisor and follow core courses at Malmö University.

Profile of PhD positions

The themes of the two The Bridge PhD positions are complementary, both addressing home-making at the intersection of design and sustainability. PhD students are expected to collaborate, and engage in transdisciplinary networks and with publics, through for example participative, co-creative, living lab approaches. Below two indicative project areas are sketched out.

Project 1

This project explores how macro-level understandings of the ecological, socio-cultural and economic dimensions of sustainability (as exemplified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework) can be traced down to the local and concrete reality of the home and home-making. It focuses on how the complex relationships between, for example, ‘gender equality’, ‘climate action’ and ‘no poverty’, can be explained and expressed (in words, imagery, objects, maps, futures scenarios) in ways that are motivating for a design community and create agency in home-makers. The project may lead to guidelines, approaches and tools for designers, design teams, design organizations and design education and policy makers. (See UN Sustainable Development Goals,

Project 2

This project explores ‘sustainable home-making’ from the perspective of home-makers (such as young and old, rooted in a place or transient). It focuses on ‘feeling at home’ and ‘what makes a home sense like a home’. In times of uncertainty, the need for ‘feeling at home’ is strong. How can this feeling be honoured with minimum resource use? How can this feeling be catered for in such a way that recognizes the varying needs and desires of the home that play out across a lifetime, and across a diverse population and different populations? The project may lead to artefacts, spaces, rituals, guidelines, approaches and tools for designers, design teams and design organizations, consumer intelligence teams and products developers. In addition, it may provide inspiring examples of sustainable home-making for citizens.

Type of position/Salary

The position as a PhD student is a four-year full time employment. Teaching or other departmental work up to 20% may lengthen the overall duration of the position. Salary level and incremental increases in salary will occur according to a stipulated scale for PhD students at Linnaeus University. The PhD students will be enrolled in the interaction design PhD programme at the School of Arts and Communication, K3, at Malmö University and conduct teaching/departmental work at the Department of Design, Linnaeus University.


Växjö, and attending courses, supervision in Malmö.

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