Alto Vale do Itajaí is a project developed by NAS Design DESIS Lab at Federal University of Santa Catarina, located in the state of Santa Catarina, Brasil. This project is the ninth project in the series of thematic areas. All projects are activities carried out by the Laboratories of DESIS Network and respond to the call of thematic areas, whose objectives can be seen here.

Alto Vale do Itajaí is a region of the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil, where there are different productive groups formed by families and neighbors who organized themselves around a production, generally of food, using local raw materials and local labour. Overall, their products have low competitive value.

The project consists in conducting a systemic analysis of the production in order to offer services for sustainable local development. In this way, The Nas Design develops visual identity for the groups and packages for their products, improving technical and aesthetic attributes, increasing competitiveness and promoting local development.

More information about this project are available at the bottom of this page, please check the PDF file.