This project was developed by NID DESIS Lab at National institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. This is the eleventh project in the series of thematic areas. All projects are activities carried out by the Laboratories of DESIS Network and respond to the call of thematic areas, whose objectives can be seen here.

Usually while designing products or services, the logic of exclusivity is applied to make them more desirable and easier to sell, however while designing for ‘public spaces’, the approach must be inclusive. Therefore, Accessible mobility is a collaborative design workshop, also known as a cultural heritage walk, where the participants students  studied the user needs and behaviors during their field visits to propose inclusive design solutions for the context.

During the fieldwork on a walk through heritage city, Ahmedabad India. The different urban layers that we found in the shapes of the houses showed the cultural complexity which brings also lots of problems in a city that’s still increasing nowadays. The degradation of the centre is visible on the high valued buildings which are left to the dwellers and in the narrow streets that are full of  garbage and stray animals. A great treasure is being wasted and needs to be restored now. The project aimed at bringing indicators to improve the spaces while keeping its original identity alive.

More information about this project are available at the bottom of this page, please check the PDF file.