This project was developed by TU/e DESIS Lab at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. This is the thirteenth project in the series of thematic areas. All projects are activities carried out by the Laboratories of DESIS Network and respond to the call of thematic areas, whose objectives can be seen here.

Ageing has become a global topic with critical challenges for years. Currently, most attention of design and technological solutions for the ageing population is paid to physical health, mobility and safety, while in the field of social wellbeing and mental health, which are also important in ageing process, there is still much space to explore.

Elderly people, especially the ones moving into care facilities, usually experience the decline of physical condition, transition in social life, and, sometimes, difficulties in catching up with rapidly-updating technology. These changes along with the ageing process may lead to an inactive and less connected life style, which finally brings negative influences to elderly’s mental and physical health.

Uitkijkpost (“Outlook” in English) is an initial platform to help enhance the social connection between care home residents and people from neighbourhood through a real-time view-sharing experience. It consists of a group of specially designed camera kits (“Viewbricks”) and a gallery-like interactive installation (“Uitkijkpost”).

The camera kits are designed to provide openness for local people to share sceneries via public participation. By adopting and putting the kits wherever they choose, people can share a live view of nature, activities or places related to old memories with the elderly. The interactive installation presents the shared live view and triggers further communication between sharers and receivers with a “postcard-sending” metaphor: by pressing the buttons under each photo frame, residents can receive real-time printed postcards of the moments with greetings and comments from the sharers. They can either keep the cards or write back to the sharers.

More information about this project are available at the bottom of this page, please check the PDF file.