• In collaboration with Z33Research Studio Time and Istanbul Design Biennial
  • SALT, Galata, Istanbul
  • 23 September, 15h

In this DESIS Philosophy Talks we discuss how to renegotiate the ideology of linear time and progress through the philosophy of Walter Benjamin and Hannah Arendt. If we agree that we like Benjamin are living today in what he refers to as “the time of remains”, lacking trust in our future, perhaps his thoughts and ideas can help us shape a discourse to act as designers and thinkers from within this crisis. How can design help to give voice to the potentialities that lie in the remains of destruction? Can designers push forward new potentialities in a time of crisis? How? How can we ‘learn’ to listen and find these hidden stories? Is the act of cataloguing them already a way to save those stories, and highlighting their potential? And how can we do this beyond linear thinking, avoiding the future to be a continuation of the failures and mistakes of the past? On Benjamin’s footpath, Arendt says that when linear time is broken, there is unexpectedly the possibility for something like an “activity of thought”. Can design be imagined as one possible configuration of this “activity of thought”? How can we translate this approach in design education? Can we imagine a pedagogy that does not orient students towards progress but rather support them in how to deal with the failures of progress? How we translate this in our work as designers and curators?