DESIS activities in Cumulus Conference in Wuxi, China  (Oct. 31st -Nov. 3rd 2018)

Cumulus Conference “Diffused Transition & Design Opportunities” at Jiangnan University in Wuxi, China will host three DESIS Network activities, organised by the Jiangnan University DESIS Lab with DESIS coordination.

Nov.1st  Thursday
Thematic Forum I: 
DESIS Forum-Social Transformation & Design Opportunities
Chair: Ezio Manzini
Co-Chair:Carla Cipolla, Miaosen Gong
Speakers: Carla Cipolla,Miaosen Gong, JI Tie, Duan Shengfeng (other speakers TBC)

Nov.1st  Thursday
DESIS Internal Meeting
A meeting is for DESIS Members only.

Nov.1st  Thursday
DESIS Asia Meeting
Theme: The art and science of engaging: participatory design in Asia.

Nov.2nd Friday
13:30 – 17:00
Parallel Workshop
1. DESIS Workshop: Design and the Quality of Relationship
This workshop will explore the importance of relationship building in social innovation and services. It will include the presentation of the frameworks developed by DESIS Network members. Participants will be invited to explore these frameworks referred to their own experiences and projects.