In the past 10 years, the DESIS Labs, which represents the nodes of the DESIS Network, have set up and participated in a large number of social innovation-related projects. Looking at them, we can easily observe that they take place in different areas of application and adopting different tools and strategies (some of them are visible in the DESIS Network website, others have been presented in different DESIS events). But until now, DESIS had done no general overviews on them had been done. And, therefore, the DESIS Labs projects had not been mapped and the emerging themes had not been observed and discussed.

Now, this work has been done:

  • the first analysis was called DESIS Map, that organized all projects reported by the DESIS Labs until 2014. The map allowed us to make a big step forward in an understanding of what the DESIS Labs really do and, on this basis, of what DESIS Network really is.
  • Looking at the map, it clearly appears that several Labs projects are converging in three main areas. We have defined them:

1  Design x Social Innovation and Cities (TA DxSIC)

2  Design x Social Innovation and Services (TA DxSIS)

3  Design x Social Innovation and Local Economy  (TA DxSILE)

On the basis of this observations, we decided to create three areas that we called the DESIS Thematic Areas. In turn, we also decided to move from here to publish a new series of DESIS books and expositions related to these areas that can be downloaded below.

Two DESIS expositions are ready and all material is available below (TA DxSIC and TAxDxSIS)

We invite DESIS Labs members and friends to download these materials and organize local expositions and events related to these two thematic areas.   The expositions are composed of a series of posters that can be easily printed.

If you organize an exposition and event related to the TA, please let us know by sending photos and other related materials to

EXPOSITION  TA 1:  Design x Social Innovations and Cities (TA DxSIC)  [download exposition materials]

EXPOSITION TA 2: Design x Social Innovation and Services (TA DxSIS)  [download exposition materials]

This digital space will be progressively updated with the new TA results (exposition and books) as they get ready.

The first two DESIS expo were organized in Shanghai, organized by Tongji University DESIS Lab (TA1) and Cumulus Wuxi, organized by Jiangnan University DESIS Lab.