This is a project developed by the ETSID DESIS Lab, Valencia, Spain,  which corresponds to the series of  Thematic Areas.  These projects are activities carried out by the DESIS Network Labs, whose objectives can be seen here

“Post it city” this term means when applied to a city and not about the yellow slip. The Post-it City concept was coined by Giovanni La Varra in his book Mutations (2001) to designate different temporary occupations of public space, which generate a new form of urbanism, aesthetics and architecture. In our case we would like to apply this concept in Valencia city.  This project is an attempt to contribute in the city of Valencia with small actions that contribute with a social benefit through the new uses of empty spaces

Probably the task is to learn how to see these places and talk about them. But is that enough? How can we finally build a post it city beyond the control, to institutionalization, a city that, ultimately, is known to continually reinvent? Or, on the contrary, if the power has definitely taken temporary practices, it is perhaps not the occasion for anyone interested in new forms of spaces and life, to cope with the power to open face and back start working the concept of permanence, monument and stability? 

See the complete project in the PDF file below