This is a project developed by the Designmatters DESIS Lab, USA,  which corresponds to the series of  Thematic Areas.  These projects are activities carried out by the DESIS Network Labs, whose objectives can be seen here

At the core of The Wellbeing Project is the Wellbeing Index, a measurement tool that provides an understanding of community wellbeing in Santa Monica, CA. The index combines available data, determines what new types of data should be gathered, and  integrates in new ways all of the available information in order to shape effective future policy.  Student teams worked alongside Santa Monica civic leaders to translate the City of Santa Monica’s Wellbeing Index into innovative transmedia design campaigns that communicate a shared understanding of the community’s strengths and needs as well as improve a collective sense of wellbeing for all citizens of Santa Monica.

With this project Student teams were able to put into practice field research techniques learned during their course of study at ArtCenter. Additionally, students were in close contact with members of the Santa Monica Wellbeing Index who offered guidance, suggestions and affirmations with the teams’ concepts. As the students prototyped their campaigns, they were challenged to effectively connect people to data. Students had the opportunity to field test their prototypes in real-time with residents at Santa Monica events, farmer’s markets and by creating pop-up installations. Students took advantage of the immediate feedback loop from residents by carefully refining their projects.

See the complete project in the PDF file below