This is a project developed by the POLIMI DESIS Lab, Italy,  which corresponds to the series of  Thematic Areas.  These projects are activities carried out by the DESIS Network Labs, whose objectives can be seen here

In contemporary cities, as Service Economy continues its ascent as a major economic sector, citizens are offered a growing number of public and private services to support them in their daily lives. Many services remain virtually unknown and one of the challenges is to make them available, visible and accessible so that users can choose them and assess them. It is therefore important to envisage new ways to close the gap between citizens and services.

Design of spaces for citizen engagement, the City Service Hubs. The Hubs offer an innovative mix of public and private services, focusing on specific areas of need: food, health, sport, housing, transportation, environment, work, tourism, production, culture, education, family/ageing. The City Service Hubs are physical spaces made to house activities of co-design and co-production of services. They are new type of urban localities, unique and scalable, different from traditional retailers, something in between new “shops” and service factories.

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