• Authors : Essi Kuure & Satu Miettinen
  • University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design
  • E-mail: essi.kuure@ulapland.fi

There is an evident need to shift from focusing merely on designers’ tasks and methods towards taking a more holistic approach to socially responsible design. In order to do this, this paper looks firstly in retrospect at the global design research work done by the World Design Research Group and secondly examines an ongoing research project in the development context. In both cases, the connections and differences between social design and service design are highlighted. As a concrete outcome this paper proposes a framework that can be applied to the development context. In other words, in design cases where the aim is to collaborate, share knowledge and experiences as well as co-design change in a multinational group. The framework itself gives designers an understanding of how to both navigate in the development field and work for improving the livelihoods of communities.