Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges in Art, Design and Media has proposed an international student competition: Cumulus Green 2020: For a New Circular Economy (Competition website:  email:

The objective of this competition is “to recognize, showcase and promote the best design ideas and projects that embody the principles and aims of SDG #12 through the Cumulus educational global network”.

We hope that several DESIS Labs have already decided to participate and registered, or are going to register, for it (The Registration was EXTENDED till August 30, 2019). Please, let us know if you did it or if you are going to do it by answering this form here.  It would be useful to have an overview of the DESIS participation in this competition.

This participation is important to show the possible convergence between what has been done until now on the social innovation side, and the needed renewed search for the environmental sustainability.

The cultural and political aim of Cumulus Green Competition is “to demonstrate the power of design and creative solutions to help humankind transition to a circular economy, one that ensures sustainable consumption and production patterns, and does ‘more and better with less’.”  In this framework, what the DESIS Lab projects should make visible is that, in parallel with other approaches (based on technical and/or systemic solutions), an approach based on social innovations could be very important too. That is, DESIS projects should show how people’s active collaboration permits to make the circular economy real. But not only, they should permit to see how it is possible to get the double result of “doing more with less” by regenerating the social fabric. And vice versa: regenerating the social fabric by “doing more with less”.