• Authors: Yaone Rapitsenyane;  Richie Moalosi; Paulson Letsholo
  • University of Botswana


Current business models have over the years led to increased consumption of resources; energy and materials. The concept of Sustainable Product-Service Systems (S.PSS) could be more meaningful when applied to Distributed Renewable Energy systems (DRE) to reduce resource consumption. A shift in focus for Institutions of Higher Learning traditionally offering product design degrees is imperative for them to produce designers that are responsive and proactive in addressing the global sustainability crisis. This paper explores through a case study, how S.PSS applied to DRE can be taught and learned by students enrolled in a traditional product design degree. The major findings informing pedagogy show that the context can be used as an interactive resource to inform teaching and learning in non-conventional learning spaces. Students now tackle design challenges from a product service systems approach which shows a positive transition towards service-oriented solutions leading to a sustainable culture.