This is a project developed by the NAS DESIS Lab, at Santa Catarina, Brazil,  which corresponds to the series of  Thematic Areas.  These projects are activities carried out by the DESIS Network Labs, whose objectives can be seen here

CloTHING(s) as conversation is a design research initiative based out of Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Since the Fall of 2011 our work has been seeking means to revise common assumptions about how we should and can interface with the textile based products around us. In particular, cloTHING(s) as conversation aims to address the challenges connected to contemporary design, wearable technology and the fashion industry’s move toward sustainability.

By actively applying sustainable design methodologies, evaluation criteria and tactics to the development of potential wearable technology outcomes, the project aims to seed an increased awareness of environmental and sustainability issues connected both regular and computational based clothing across Canadian academic institutions, and the broader fashion industry within North America.

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