This is a project developed by the NAS DESIS Lab, at Santa Catarina, Brazil,  which corresponds to the series of  Thematic Areas.  These projects are activities carried out by the DESIS Network Labs, whose objectives can be seen here

Some 53% of all medication errors involve forgotten medicine (2015), a statistic which has major financial and human consequences. The purpose of the project is to develop drug administration procedures that result in fewer errors, designing solutions that reduce the instances of forgotten medicine.

The project has shown Aalborg Municipality how design can function as leaver for developing the Danish wellfare state. The project has contributed to halving the number of mistakes under the category: medicine not given at the two care homes for elderly people, compared with the rest of care homes in the municipality. The project is an
example of how design can provide both staff and residents with tools for developing the feeling of identity, values and community.

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