The Desis Design for Collaborative Cities Network (DxCC) organises CAPA.CITY Autumnschool

Where? Hasselt, Belgium, 14-17 October 2019

Theme: Reclaim The Suburbs. Which Capacities For Participatory Approaches?

The point of departure of this CAPA.CITY autumnschool is that we need a new movement Reclaim the Suburbs that supports residents to organize themselves and initiate own retrofitting projects; projects that do reduce the societal costs of their mode of living, but also fit within their housing dream: garage-box entrepreneurs, multigenerational villa-collectives, eco-garden networks, crowdfunded community services or renewable energy cooperatives. The CAPA.CITY autumnschool will collect and discuss ongoing Reclaim the Suburb initiatives, with a focus on the capacities that collectives need to develop, in order to initiate, run and sustain such initiatives. To support this discussion, the participants of the autumnschool will form collectives and will, in group, prototype reclaim practices in full-scale using the OpenStructures modular construction model (

Registration deadline

  • Register before September 13, 2019 by sending a mail to:
  • Upon registration, you will be asked to make a poster of a reclaim practice, in which you are involved as a researcher.

For more information, download the PDF below or access the CAPA.CITY official website by clicking here