CEPS – Creativity, Engagement and Problem Solving: Building confidence and new capabilities in disadvantaged youth.

Auckland, New Zealand, is the largest Polynesian city in the world, with the majority of ‘Pasifika’ people residing in South Auckland. This cultural group also represents the largest growing youth population in New Zealand, but faces unemployment levels double that of the national average, and low prospects of securing a professional career.

The Oceania Careers Academy provides mentorship and trades-based skill development opportunities for South Auckland youth. Although successful, the organisation has a vision to further develop the creative potential of its clients to provide opportunities for more ambitious career pathways. AUT students were invited to work with OCA to this end.

AUT students used a participatory co-design process to engage with directors, facilitators and students at the academy. Initial ideas to develop a dedicated design studio for the OCA students were abandoned when empathy mapping and stakeholder feedback provided new insights, prompting students to re-evaluate perceived benefits of the original idea.

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