Violence is one of America’s most significant public health issues. “Where’s Daryl?” is one of the outcomes of a Designmatters studio that tasked students with creating a gun prevention campaign for Los Angeles youth, in partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

The “Where’s Daryl?” educational toolkit features a fictional youth whose life is halted because he got involved with guns. 8 lesson plans use humor and stories to spark critical thinking and discussion. Students are asked to reflect on what Daryl did, why he did it, what he’s missing out on and how he could have prevented getting involved with guns.

Research shows that statistics of gun violence are too abstract to be absorbed by most pre-teens and may, in fact, further romanticize guns and violence in their minds. Where’s Daryl? seeks instead to personalize the risks of guns by inspiring students to consider the impact on their own lives if they get involved with guns as minors.

The Uncool Project (2018)