A Design Project for SEWA, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

SEWA, Self Employed Women Association, aims the women workers to obtain collective strength and ownership of their trades, and get directly linked with consumers through a store named ‘KALAKRUTI’ and various fairs all over the countries.

The objective of the intervention is to raise the existing costumer profile and giving them a higher platform by developing high value products and hence raising their brand image.

Project served as an important platform for learning – the students are exposed to Crafts sector, working with traditional technique and craftsman skills and appreciate the constraint where the craft is existing. Artisans oriented towards the present day need of the demand and supply brought a new skill set to their advantage. The Project benefited the Artisan with confidence and trust for their own profession .The craft workshop bridged the gap between traditional crafts practices and contemporary needs.

The Design process envisioned to created a new job opportunities and social orientated business to widen international market mix of materials and craft techniques, fulfilling the demand and economic opportunity within and outside the country.

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