USIS – Unidade de Suporte à Inovação Social da UFRJ | SISU – Social Innovation Support Unit at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

There are many social innovation initiatives in the city of Rio de Janeiro that need support. Universities have a lot of human resources, particularly students that are ready to engage and support those initiatives and teachers and technicians, with knowledge and skills to support social innovation processes.

The SISU aims to strengthen the links between university and the broader society by fostering a mutual learning process between university members and social innovators.

The SISU is a social innovation itself, because it is connecting professors and students from different departments, institutes and disciplinary areas in the university, which is not usual. It creates an interdisciplinary area, that is being developed in interaction with social innovators. For the DESIS Lab it was important, because the SISU performs the DESIS mission, but in an interdisciplinary way.